Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday 5 / 21 A cherry and Quality - biggest yet

   On the morning trip we caught a couple of nice keepers before trying another area. Caught a few more along with the pool fish by a guy who got on the boat and said he never caught one and wanted to break his cherry. Very nice day on the water and several decided to come back out on the afternoon trip. It started off slow with the change of tide and we did land a short. And THEN  John Moon of Jersey City, hooked into our biggest of the season @ 35 lbs. We did get a couple more @ 23 lbs on down. Back at it tomorrow  but only the AM trip with the rain coming and I have another obligation. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics. Hope to see you soon.

John Moon  35 lb striper

lost his cherry

Sunday 5/20 Finally out

   We have not sailed since last Tuesday with all the nice weather we had last week lol. We did pick some nice keepers on the morning trip,  but only 2 shown and less short action then we have been having.  Went out with only a handful in the afternoon, guess everyone was afraid of the thunder storms we DID'T get.  It was not good  with only a couple of shorts. Today, Monday, looks good  but not sure of tomorrow, especially  the afternoon with showers coming. Hope to see you soon and thanks for looking in, here are couple of pics. FLUKE FRIDAY !

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Weds/Thurs 5-16 &17 No go

   We  did not get out on Weds or today, both trips with nobody showing up. Tomorrow also looks bad , not just because of the rain but there will be NE winds to 30mph so will will not be going out. Saturday is still up in the air so check back or give me a call tomorrow  eve.  Sunday looks like the best day of the weekend and next week looks ok too. Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon. Don't forget that the Fluke season starts next Friday 5/25.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tuesday 5/14 We can bring you and show u but...

    It turned out to be a beautiful day with calm seas and winds. Picked at the stripers but mostly shorts with a couple of keepers in the mix again. We should have had more fish but the majority of the people on board left their rods in the rod holders and didn't even watch them most of the time. As the saying goes about leading a horse to water, well the same applies here. We can take you to the fish and show you what to do but the fish don't always hook themselves. At least you ;should be watching the rod for hits. We did not go out this morning with nobody showing up and the rest of the week does not look good with the rain forecast but not bad enough to stop us from sailing. We will be there to go but just say n. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monday 5/14 report

    We made the morning trip and went back to where we had fish the day before. We started off slow seeing a few shorts and then lost a big one(hook pulled), may have been a drum. Finally we landed a keeper and picked some more shorts
 until another keeper striper  came along. At least we are getting some action with the shorts although hey are on the small side as pictured with mate Steve. Did not sail the afternoon as I had something to do and probably would not have got out anyway with the turnout. Sailing every day, 2 trips @ 8 SAM and again @ 1:30 PM, depending on weather and turnout. Fell free to call me if not sure ,hope to see you soon and thanks for looking in. Here are a few pics.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

5/13 Mom s day

   Got out this morning  and headed to the area where we had fish yesterday and anchored up. Chilly and damp with the East winds and clouds/few showers. Started picking at the shorts and did end up getting a few keepers.  Decent action for a not so decent day. The young lady on the boat, Marissa, got her keeper and the pool. Sailing tomorrow , but morning trip only, so hope to see you then. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sat 5/12 A come back

    We did not make the  A M trip with nobody showing up, but just made it out in the P M with a handful at the last minute. It was on the cool side, temp wise, but the fishing got hot. Picked away at the shorts, boating 25 - 30 and missing quite a few and landing a few keepers, great action. Only sailing the morning trip tomorrow , since the crew has plans with their moms, so hope to see you then. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics, one from yest.