Monday, July 24, 2017

Sat/Sun 7/22-23 Not just about the fishing

    The weather man got us again but it was very pleasant out on Sunday with clouds and a cool  breeze that was a relief from the hot temps this past week. Not much action in the first part of the morning but then we started picking some shorts and few keepers with Marissa(in pink) taking the pool. On the afternoon trip we had a slow pick of shorts and keeper and went looking rather than just staying in one are as one half day boat does. Had a slower pick but a few more keepers and the folks on board had a fun good time. Most were regulars but mate Chuck did a great job entertaining them and helping them catch fish. With the slow fishing this year that does not look like it will improve much, but hope it does, come out with the attitude of just having a good time with a buddy or two or girl friend and hopefully catch dinner. Saturday we did have a better turnout but not what it should be for this time of year on a nice weekend day. Had a fair amount of keepers in the morning, with Manny taking the pool but the afternoon was much slower with mostly shorts. Here are some pics so hope to see you soon and thanks for looking in. Sailing every day, 2 trips, rain or shine.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thurs/Fri reports

   On Thursday the fishing was better  in the afternoon catching a few more keepers then the morning. On Friday it was the opposite with good conditions in the morning we had several fishermen with multiple keeper fluke.  On the afternoon the conditions only let us fish one area where we had a drift and it was mostly shorts on a slow pick. Here are some pics but unfortunately only half of  them due to a a camera malfunction. Thanks for looking in.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tues/Weds 7/18-19 reports

    We had a tough morning on Tues finding some keepers but with half the amount of fishermen in the afternoon. Since we only had a few anglers on board, mate Chris fished a dead stick and ended up with two keeper fluke as did another supposedly first time fluke fisherman. The weather has been hot but there has been a breeze especially in the afternoon. Weds morning we put some keeper fluke in the boat along with a few shorts, robins,  and dog fish. On the afternoon trip not as many but we did have a little whale show. Here re some pics and thanks for looking in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mon 7/17 Another limit & pool

   We had another fluke limit of keepers and the pool by Stu Melinek on the morning trip. We had no drift in the bay in the first part of the morning so we went out a little to get one. Only a few shorts and Stu 's first keeper out there. Went back into the bay when the conditions improved and picked at some shorts and a few more keepers. On the afternoon trip there was on problem drifting with southerly winds of 15 - 20 mph. Picked at shorts and a  keeper fluke here and there. Here are some pics and thanks for looking in.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sat/Sun 7/15-16 Pat the man.

     We had a damp start on Saturday but by mid morning it was nice. Not a big crowd for a Sat on both trips.  Slow fishing in the morning with mostly shorts but it improved in the afternoon where we ended up with a few more keepers.  On Sunday morning Pat Lamb Boated two nice fluke on the first drift with one of them taking the pool (4.5 lbs). A couple of drifts later he got his limit and we ended up wit a fair amount of keepers,for the way it has been. We had a little more action with shorts and keepers mixed in on the afternoon trip with a better drift. Another pool winner of about 5 lbs by a young  first time fisherman (red shirt). Here are a few pics,Sunday's first, and thanks for looking in.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Weds/Thurs 7/ 12-13 report

     The fishing has not improved much but some guys can still catch a couple like Pat Lamb on Weds afternoon who caught 2 keeper fluke and the pool. Thurs morning was very nice so we tried out in the ocean but not much better except we got some porgies mixed in the the fluke. Here are few pics and thanks for looking in.