Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday 10/18 update

   We or any other boats up here have sailed since Tues with the rain and strong winds. Not sure about this morning yet, have to see what the winds are blowing and if enough people show up. Not sailing this afternoon but will do half day trips over the weekend but Sunday is not looking good for that afternoon trip with the rain coming.  Monday we will switch to 3/4 day trips leaving @ 7:30 AM. Thanks for looking in and when in doubt give me a call.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tues 10/15

   We ran the morning  trip with only a handful on such a nice day. Picked at some short porgies in the bay then went to look for better fishing. Made a couple of drops and caught some keeper black sea bass. The next two days  do not look good for going out so we will not be going, but will see about Friday when it gets closer. Here are some pics from yesterday and today, thanks for looking in.

Monday 10/14 Another beauty

    It was another beautiful day on thee water with light winds and calm seas. Fish the bay where we had decent fishing on Sunday morning but it turned out like Sunday afternoon with a pick of short porgies and some blackfish but only a few keeper porgies. Tried out in the ocean and only caught a few more fish. In the afternoon it was the same but we did get a keeper blackfish and a few keeper sea bass along with the keeper porgies. Don't forget we are  sailing the morning trips only this week. Will post some pics later as left the camera on the boat. Thanks for looking in.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday 10/13 nice morning but

    We did not make it out on Saturday with not enough showing up either trip but we did make both trips today. The fishing in the ocean has been no good after the wind all week so we started in the bay and stayed there this morning and picked away ant mostly short porgies, keepers and some jumbos. Got lucky with a few keeper and short black fish in the mix that took the pool. Everyone caught and went home with fish. Went back there in the afternoon and had good action with the short porgies but only a few keepers. Back at it tomorrow @ 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM. Tues thru Friday we will only be doing morning trips only from 8 AM to about 1 pm, same fare. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Update to Fri 10/11 & new schdule

    We haven't been out all week between nobody showing up on Mon & Tues and the weather the rest of the week that kept all the boats tied up. We will be sailing two trips  the next few days thru Monday 10/14 but then Tues thru Friday,  we will only doing morning trips from 8 AM to about 1 PM. From there I'M not  not sure what the schedule will be. Check the web site or call me. Thanks for looking in and if Bob Sabo  or Artie are reading this please give me a call.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday 10/6 Good but had to deal

   We tried to stop in the bay to wait for the change of tide which usually makes it nicer with wind and tide together but the small area was taken up by two boats so we took our chances in the  ocean. It was not nice,  not dangerously rough, but the kind of seas that can get some people sea sick, and some were. Didn't see much at first but then started to pick away at the porgies and sea bass. Short porgies at first then  the bigger ones turned on. If you hung in there you ended up with a nice catch of big porgies. The mates shred a rod as one worked deck and ended up with a bucket full. We may not be able to fish the ocean this week so if we go (not looking good) we will be stuck in the bay where there are some keeper porgies but mostly shorts and some days not much at all. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics. The rack bucket ids of only some of the fish as many went off whole.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sat 10/5 a good A M

     None of the boats here went out with the rain and wind the Thurs or Fri.  Saturday morning there was some wind form the N E so we tried in the bay only catching a few keeper porgies an mostly shorts. Went across to where we have been fishing but it was rolly, but not terrible but it did not agree with  a few,  you know what  mean. First drop was the same thing with short porgies and small sea bass. Then we found the big ones and had a good pick going. Sonny ended up wit a couple of dozen and he was not even high hook. The afternoon was a different story as we went right back to where we left them biting and it didn't happen. Tried drifting and anchoring different areas but only a slow pick on mostly short sea bass(closed anyway)  small porgies but not may keepers.We will see what happens today. Tomorrow they are calling for some showers in the afternoon so we will only fish the morning Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Weds nice onthe water

   The weather and temps were not bad on the water although the forecast was highs near 90 *. In the morning we made a few drifts and picked at the fish and then anchored up to pick more. Danny Wong got close to a NY limit but Manny got the pool fish although there were bigger ones not in it . Everyone caught fish but some not many. On the afternoon trip it was breezy so we anchored on a couple of drops and picked at the porgies, sea bass and a Trigger fish that took the pool. No boats sailed today and tomorrow does not look good with winds to 30 plus. Here are some  pics and thanks for looking in.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tues Nice day

   Had another nice day especially in the afternoon.  On the morning we stayed local and picked at the porgies, some real beauties. Everyone caught and went home with dinner. In the afternoon we went to the same area but only caught a few so ventured elsewhere.  Drifted for a few and picked at the fish and then anchored up to pick some more. Very nice weather  but there was a roll in the ocean. Here are some pic and thanks for looking in. Not sailing Thurs and not sure about Friday so give me a call.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Sunday/Mon reports

     Another nice group on Sunday morning and we picked at the fish on a few drifts. Anchored up and  picked some more but not as good as it has been. It was a  mixture of porgies,blow fish and small sea bass. In the afternoon we picked  and made a few moves  and everyone went home with fish. Today we had to stay in the bay but did catch some nice sized porgies in the morning but not enough showed up in the afternoon. Still sailing two trips every day but Thursday is not looking good so do not come down. Thanks for looking in. Here are some pics. Oh and by the way the service trip for Bill O'Hara has been cancelled.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Saturday 9/28 the wind

    We had more wind than we expected in the morning but it actually helped the drifting conditions slowing the drift down. We started out drifting and picking mostly short sea bass and porgies and a few blow fish, with a few keepers mixed in. We then anchored up but the current was fast so the stern caught most of the fish but there were tangles. Then back to the drift and picked some more ending up  just ok for the group we had, of course some did ok and some with only a couple or none to take home but everyone did catch fish. In the afternoon we knew the conditions would not be nice in the ocean  so we tried another area and did catch some fish. Tried going back to the morning area but it was not nice and we only caught a few so back to the bay for a few more. Besides we had kids and guy that was 92 years old and that was not for them. Thanks for looking in and here are some  pics.