Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mon 12/26 WTF not nice

     The forecast was not bad but the weather was. 10 - 15 kt winds turned out to be 20-25 from the ENE, not a good direction.  Once we hit the ocean we had to go out at a reduced speed, and even anchored up it was not nice. Picked at the shorts with some keepers mixed in as we shifted around on one spot.  Before making another drop, I decided to have the mate to ask everyone if they wanted to stay out or go in  early but apparently he didn't, saying all were in agreement to go in. Sorry about that, but it really was not nice.  Tomorrow, Weds,  looks good as does Thurs. Here are only a couple of pics and hope to see you on the dock soon. Weather permitting we will be sailing through Jan 2, including New Years day.

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