Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sun/Mon reports 8/4 & 5

    The boats had a nice turnout on Sunday morning and headed out to where we have been catching. Had  slow drift on only picked at the shorts slowly. Finally fou7nd an are where the action was better but still only shorts. It was a nice morning and most caught fish. On the afternoon trip we got lucky and had a super first drift boating 7 or 8 keepers and a good pick of shorts. Couldn't repeat it but did pick a few more keepers and shorts after that with several guys like Rich ( who got the pool) ending up with 2 keepers each. Unfortunately some of those pics did not come out. Monday there was a low turnout and fished one side both trips. Picked shorts but not fast and ended up with a couple of keeper fluke with Artie taking the afternoon pool. Thanks for looking in and sailing 2 trips every day except Weds 8/7 afternoon. There are supposed to be bad thunder storms anyway. Here are some pics.

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