Friday, August 2, 2019

Thurs/Fri reports - Oh John

  Picked away at shorts in the morning with a couple of keepers on Thurs and the afternoon we started off with the 2 nice keepers on the first 2 drifts along with shorts of course. John Strozach(sp ?) caught both of them off to a good start. Picked some more shorts and another keeper through the afternoon. Then John's luck changed and he lost his rod hooking a fish. He did however, ended up with he pool fish. This morning was very good with the way things have been.  Good action with the shorts and had a decent amount of keepers around the boat fishing close to home. Everyone caught fish. On the afternoon trip it  was not as good but did pick at shorts but not as fast and less keeper fluke but I had the honor of having some friends that started me in the business. John Impaglia and his sister Roseann who ended up marrying Capt Charlie jr of the Miss Highlands,  and  the other mate Charlie German. They had me working with them to help clean the boat back in 1969 and broke me in as a deckhand.  Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

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