Monday, October 7, 2019

Sunday 10/6 Good but had to deal

   We tried to stop in the bay to wait for the change of tide which usually makes it nicer with wind and tide together but the small area was taken up by two boats so we took our chances in the  ocean. It was not nice,  not dangerously rough, but the kind of seas that can get some people sea sick, and some were. Didn't see much at first but then started to pick away at the porgies and sea bass. Short porgies at first then  the bigger ones turned on. If you hung in there you ended up with a nice catch of big porgies. The mates shred a rod as one worked deck and ended up with a bucket full. We may not be able to fish the ocean this week so if we go (not looking good) we will be stuck in the bay where there are some keeper porgies but mostly shorts and some days not much at all. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics. The rack bucket ids of only some of the fish as many went off whole.

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