Sunday, September 13, 2020

Update to 9/12

    We have not got out on every trip, (Tues and Thurs) when not enough showed up but the days we did we tried to fish outside in the ocean. There has been a big swell and some people had a hard time with it. On Saturday we could not go into the ocean, way too rough, and many boats did not even try to go out. We  did on both trips but the only action was with shorts, the kids had a blast, a few sea robins and dogfish. We will see what today brings, and we will be trying to sail. Fluke ends on Sat 9/19 so on Sunday 9/20 we will switch to bottom fishing for porgies on the same schedule for now. Still waiting for some pics but did just get a new camera but only have one on it. Thanks for looking in, hope to see you soon and stay safe.

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