Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday 10 /19 Not like it was

  Went out today with a small group and went to where we left off on Weds but did not read any fish on the fish finder, so we went out farther to where we had fish on Sun afternoon. Did not read as much as we did on Sunday but gave it a shot. Had a nice shot of sea bass but only a couple of porgies. Ventured out to another area and got another shot or two but over all not good fishing. Everyone went home with a few fish but not like it was. Today was our last half day morning  trip, even though there were a couple of people to go out in the afternoon. NO more afternoon trips and now 3/4 day leaving at 7:30 A M.  Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon. I have been getting calls for stripers but they are not local yet so hang in there and stay posted. Here are a few pics.

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