Monday, October 29, 2018

Mon 10/29 Manny the man & an ass kicking

    Had a couple of calls for the morning but some did not show up.  Was on the fence whether or not to go but we did with a small group. When we got farther out was I sorry we did go out as it got rougher. The fishing was no good the day before as the boats out from our marina only had some silver eels and a couple of short blackfish from what I heard. But we had our fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Got anchored up but we were rolling around, then a double header sea bass came up with one keeper. Relief some life. Picked a few more shorts and then a couple of short blackfish to my surprise. Picked slowly but it got better as a few more keeper black fish came up with Manny starting it off and finishing up with 3 keepers to 7.5 lbs. Tony got a nice 7 lber and every one fishing for them caught one or went home with a keeper blackfish and some with sea bass. No porgies were caught but hope the show up again. Here are some pics, but some did not their pic taken, and thanks for looking in.

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