Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sat 10/13 Went the exra mile

     The morning looked like a nice one but when we got out to the grounds it was wind against tide so we swung around on the anchor, but  pick away at some nice porgies though. Just a small group of guys and it was on the cool side. Everyone one went home with a nice mess of fish. On the afternoon trip the current was strong so it was hard holding bottom so people on the sides had some problems with tangles but the fish were there for those who knew how to catch them. After a couple of drops I decided to got out a lot farther to get away from the current. It was a little gamble late in the game but it paid off. Picked away at mostly short sea bass with few keepers mixed in at first. After a while we started to see more porgies and keeper sea bass. We stayed late and of course got in late but I think it was appreciated as every one caught and went home with fish. Tomorrow is out last two trip day and will only sail mornings this week starting Monday, but please arrive by 7:30 AM as the other boats will be sailing by then and if we don't have enough to go out you can jump on another boat. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

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