Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tuesday 5/4 They bit

    We went out with just a couple of guys to see if we could get this fishing and the turnout going. Glad we did as we ended up with a nice pic of fish, to 37 1/2 inches, can only be kept between 28 - 38 "  Most were shorts but some would have been bonus tag fish and a few keepers, but it was nice to have action. We will only try to go out on the morning trip tomorrow with the weather forecast. It is nice to be putting up some pics and thanks for lookin in. PS the board in the pic is 36 inches.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Sunday 5/2 Fisher people make the difference

     We finally got a break in the wind and got out with a nice group of people in the morning. Tried jigging since the fish were right in our bay but with mostly rod rentals and only a couple that knew how to use them, I knew we were doomed. We did catch a short and then switched to bait but could not get them going.  On a nice afternoon trip we tried different spots bait fishing but no good. Sailing every day except the afternoon trip on Tuesday, 5/4 and rainy or windy days, so give me a call if you are not sure. Thanks for looking in.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Update to 4/29

     We only got out yesterday, Weds, since sailing Saturday. Had a great weather forecast and it was nice on the water, too bad the fish didn't think so and neither did more people as we only had a few.  Catching was not good but fishing always is. Did not try to go out this morning with the forecast and will not be going this afternoon or tomorrow, Friday. We will have to play Saturday by ear as the forecast is for more wind. Thanks for looking in and feel free to call me about the fishing or forecast.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Sat 4/24 Not sailing Sunday

     We got out on both trips today with only a small group of fisher people. Tried a different area in the morning but it didn't pan out. On the afternoon trip went back to another area and did boat a couple of shorts and BIG black drum that we released, about 75 lbs by Teacher Bob Sabo. We will not be sailing tomorrow, Sunday morning, and will see if the weather gets better for the afternoon. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Update from Sunday 4/18

    We did not get out on Monday with the lack of people showing up but did go out on Tuesday 4/20. Fished the area where we have been catching a few but it was no good so went to another area and did catch a couple of shorts on the morning trip. The afternoon trip though was no good and no boats went out on Weds or today with the weather. Back at it tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday but as of now Sunday is not looking good. Here are couple of pics and thanks for looking in. Hope to see you soon and don't forget your masks as it is not over yet.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday 4/18 little better

      Had a little better day to this morning  as we did boat a keeper and had a slow pick on shorts with one guy boating the keeper and 3 shorts. The afternoon was slower with a keeper and couple of shorts and dropping a few fish.  Back at it tomorrow and Tuesday, but Weds and Thurs do not look good.  Thanks for looking in and here are some  pics.  

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sat 4/17 report

     We haven't been out all week with the weather and not enough to go. Today we stopped to try and jig some fish that were being trolled, but N G. Anchored up for some bait fishing with no results. Looked around and anchored in another spot and got a slow pick going,  only shorts, but one guy did boat  three  and couple others were caught. The afternoons started off with a couple of fish right a way and then it died so we moved on. Ended up catching one more and losing one. Not  a good day but we caught some fish. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics. Sailing every day but come on the nice days if you can.