Saturday, October 16, 2021

Friday 10/15 Sailing Sat AM only

     It was a beautiful day on the ocean with warm temps and no wind. Went back to where we left them biting but only had a shot and it died. Tried a few other drops only catching a few on each, not a good morning. On the afternoon trip we worked out way out to different drops and finally connected. Picked away mostly short sea bass but got enough keepers so most went home with a dinner or two. Couple of porgies and backfish in the mix with Dalton's 5lb blackfish taking the pool. Only sailing the morning today,Saturday, with the weather coming this afternoon. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics, although you may see people twice, they came out again in the afternoon. One other note, I do not answer on facebook so if you have a question please give me a call.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Weds/ Thurs 10/13 & 14

    We only got out in the  morning the last two days with Weds fishing no good with the big swell. Today we did catch a lot more fish, a lot of shorts but also some  keepers, all sea bass and a couple of small blackfish. At least the action was good and it was a very nice day. Back at it tomorrow sailing two trips @ 8 AM and 1:30 PM and hope fully Saturday morning, if the weather does not get us. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tues 10/12 Not sailing until Weds

      Only a few people showed up for the morning trip but not enough for anyone to go out. Therefore we will  NOT go out this afternoon but will be there in the morning,Weds 10/13. We are sill sailing two trips @ 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM through this weekend then go to one morning trip. Thanks for looking in.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Friday 10/8 & Sat 10/9

    Friday was the opener of keeping sea bass but getting the keepers was the hard part. Did you expect anything less. We have been throwing a lot of nice keeper sea bass back before the season open but now we had to weed through a hundred shorts to get a few. The afternoon actually turned out better but with more keeper porgies along with some keeper bass. On Saturday the winds were blowing from the east but we gave it shot as the  only boat to sail. We  did catch some porgies,  sea bass and trigger fish but the ocean was not nice. No boats sailed to day and will not tomorrow, maybe we can get out on Tuesday. We are still on the half day schedule for this week anyway. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Weds 10/6

      We got out on both trips and fished the same area where we had some fish over the weekend but caught mostly shorts and some keepers, both porgies and black sea bass, that is till closed until Friday 10/8. The action was good but we did not take home a lot. the weather looks good for today, Thurs and tomorrow( Fri) but the weekend is not looking good with easterly winds picking up, we will have to see how it turns out. We are still on the half day schedule sailing two trips @ 8 AM and 1:30 PM if enough people show up. Thanks for looking in and here are a couple of pics. 

Monday, October 4, 2021

Sunday 10/3 Soon and the moon

     Went to where we have been fishing on both trips and picked at the fish both short and keeper porgies for the action and of course black sea bass that get annoying at times since they are so small. Once in a while we get a beauty that we can not keep yet(opens Oct 8) like the one pictured by Woody. We are coming up on a new moon so the current will be stronger so  plan on using heavier weights. Sailing 2 trips every day if enough show up, therefore watch the weather. We  had some nice days last week and had barely enough to go out. We will be there this morning,Monday, but not in the afternoon, not sure about Tuesday morning either. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday 10 /2 The triggers

      We went to where we have been fishing in the morning and picked away at a lot of of small sea bass, some  keeper and short porgies and a good shot of Trigger fish. Not as many keeper porgies as we would like but enough to go around. On the afternoon trip only a couple of triggers, but had a lot of short porgies with some keepers and a LOT of black sea bass that we can not keep. Not like yesterdays afternoon fishing, as far as keepers, but you can not beat the ACTION. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics, btw, if you want info feel free to CALL  me cause I don't do E mails or respond to face book questions, sorry but its a lot easier for you and me, A Phone call ! It takes a minute and if not leave a message, I will call you back. Thank you.