Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monday 8/29 A beauty

     The weather was very nice despite the rip current forecast which does not affect us. The big swells from storms that are hundreds of miles away only make the boat go gently up and down, not rock back and forth like a wind sea would do. With a light turnout in the morning we made long drifts picking at some shorts  and one or two keepers a drift. Not as much action as the day before because there were fewer sea robins thank you. Even a couple of mates that were not working came out to catch a few. Brad and his dad took the pool hooking the same fish, not a bad morning and the afternoon was even better. Bill O'Hara called worried about the seas but I told him not to be. He came out and was pleasantly surprised how nice it was. He caught 7 shorts and 3 keeper fluke other fish but not the pool. Mariska took the pool with one of her two keepers beating her brother who also had two. Here are a few  pics from the trips.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Pictures

Sat/Sun reports 8/27-28

     Over the weekend we continue to pick at a mix of fish, sea robins, dogfish etc along with short and keeper fluke. We even caught a couple more smooth swell fish which put quite a fight but not like the cow nose rays we hook into also. The action is not too bad but more keepers would be nice. Some fishermen  do manage a couple or three  to take home. Looks like the off shore storms are going to produce some swells but the should not affect us unless the wind kicks up too. Come get your last licks in but we we will still continue to sail every day, 7 days including holidays through the fal. Here are a few pics. that I will post on the next one in a few minutes as I am losing the connection.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Thurs/Friday reports

     There was too much wind and a big roll to fish where we wanted on Thursday so we stayed in calmer waters. Just a slow pick with only a few keepers in the mix including this smooth swell fish (aka rabbit fish) that is in the puffer family, caught 2. On Friday the weather and the seas were much nicer but the fishing was still not up to par catching only a few keepers with shorts, sea robins, dog fish and couple of sea bass. The fish seem to be spread out all over and not concentrated in any one area. Here are a few pics so hope to see you on the dock.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weds 8/24

    We worked an area where we had a few fish the day before and ended up with a decent catch. Pete Battista was high hook with 3 keeper fluke and there were some with one and two and of course some who only caught shorts or sea robins. Conditions changed in the afternoon as the southerly winds kicked up again causing a sea to build up with wind against the tide so we had to leave the area. Picked fish but not as good as the morning trip.Jerry Mahoney's grand son took the pool, at least someone in the family can catch fish. Let's just say Jerry has been in a little slump. Here are a few pics.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mon/Tues reports 8/22-23

     Well Monday was a repeat of Sunday with blustery winds but from the other direction. We had to fish closer to the Staten Island beach to have calmer waters but we did pick on shorts and etc. with a few keepers mixed in. Big Steve did manage 3 keepers in the morning on Monday and the afternoon trip was  the same with a high hook of only 2. Tuesday morning was a much nicer day with light winds and a calm ocean. We worked our way out to where we had good fishing a few days before only found a pick of shorts and sea robins (scroll down for rest of the report)

 with a keeper mixed in here and there. The afternoon started out beautiful with no wind but then the old southerly picked up  but it did at least help slow up the drift witch would have been too fast. We ended up with a few more keepers in the afternoon and everyone had action with shorts. Here are a few pics.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Saunday 8/21 report - Trapped

      The wind blew pretty good the Saturday afternoon and nite to leave us with a big swell in the ocean and even parts of the bay like the knoll. We could not fish the channels but made due catching keepers and shorts on some long drifts. Ryan sparked up the end of the morning with a 7 1/2 lb fluke and there were others around the boat. On the afternoon trip the conditions were worse with the hard south wind and out going tide, we could only stay in our bay and had a slow pick of fish.  I was surprised of the low turn  out in the morning for us on a Sunday and not many familiar faces, maybe the weather ? The weather is now breaking with some cooler temps this week so hope to see you on the dock. Here are some pics.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Friday/Sat reports

     We are still fishing the ocean when the conditions allow us having good action with shorts and some nice keepers mixed in. In this case a light wind against the tide helps slow up the drift since we are just coming off the full moon and the current is stronger with higher high tides and lower low tides. This was the case Friday afternoon but not Saturday afternoon. On Friday mornings trip big Steve took the pool with one of his two keepers. On Saturday's morning trip there was little wind but the drift was fine until we lost it at the end of the morning. On the afternoon the southerly winds kicked up so it got rolley but we hung in there until we lost the drift. Vinny Battista got his limit for the day with 4  keepers in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the front of the boat getting most of the action in the morning. A couple of ladies up front also had a couple of keepers each along with numerous shorts. Here are a few pics form the last couple days so hope to see you soon as the weather looks great for the upcoming week.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Thursday 8/18 much nicer

    It was a beautiful morning with no wind and the seas calm so we headed out to the big channel and caught the change of tide. Picked as we drifted across with a few nice keepers in the mix. When the current did start to run we picked  slower than we thought, not like the other day. Just an ok catch all in all but then the current started to run too fast. Tried another area in the afternoon and picked a few before getting invaded with snapper blues and cow nose rays. Moved away from them and as the drift slowed we went over some hard bottom to get a few nice sea bass. The tide changed and we got a good drift so we picked away with woody getting his 4 keepers, John S  3, others around the boat with Kathy boating the pool fish of almost 7 lbs. Here are only a few pics and the weather looks great the next few days so come on down.