Monday, October 30, 2017

Sat 10/28 report and schedule

    We went out Saturday and went farther out to where everyone is fishing. Nice pick on porgies and black sea bass but most of the sea bass were small and went back. In the end everyone had a nice mess of fish to go home with and we also caught a few nice black fish which took the pool. NO boats went out on Sunday or today and as of now we are waiting for an updated wind forecast for tomorrow, will let you know later. Here are a few pics and thanks for looking in.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Not sailing Sun or Mon 10/29 & 30

    Weather will not good  for fishing or going out on the water Sunday or Monday, we will see what happens for Tuesday. One other note, we are now 3/4 day sailing @ 7:30 AM (weather permitting), so please give me a call if you are not sure and if I don't answer leave a message because I don't always  get calls on the water with the reception. Same if you will be a FEW minutes late getting to the boat, we will wait a a few but not 15 minutes. Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday 10/27 A nice one

    It was a little chilly this morning but at least there was not much wind. Started where we had some fish yesterday and did catch a few, but it was a change of tide and the fish seem to like it running. So we ventured out and hit a few spots for sea bass and caught a few. Went back to an area where we started and picked away at the porgies with a few sea bass mixed in. Everyone caught fish and brought them home. Don't forget we are now down to a one 3/4 day trip schedule leaving at 7:30 AM. Here are a few pics, including one from yesterday and a big summer creature, thanks for looking in.

Thurs 10/26 Big swell

    We did not go out the Tues or Weds but went with a handful Thursday. There was a big swell in the ocean and a hard northwest wind against the incoming tide. This made it difficult for anchoring where we wanted but we did manage some nice big porgies but not the amount we have been catching. We also tried where we had sea bass on  Monday but that was not good. We headed in just as the rain started and every had fish to take home. Today is our last Half day trip, morning only, leaving at 8 AM  but try to be there by 7:30 as all the other boats leave at that time - just in case not enough show to go out. We will be switching to 3/4 day tomorrow, Saturday 10/28 leaving at 7:30 AM  returning about 2:30 -3 PM. Thanks for looking in and left the camera is on the boat, sorry.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Monday 10/23 Another great day

     We had a surprisingly decent turnout for a Monday and we headed to where we have been fishing and had good shot of big porgies with some filling their buckets in an hour. We then made a few drops looking for some sea bass and found a couple of good spots but  as every where else, we had to go through the shorts to get some keepers. No limits of porgies or sea bass but every one had a nice mess of fish to go home with. Not sailing today or tomorrow but back at it n Thursday and hope the seas will have laid down. Still doing only the morning trip on weekdays, Thurs and Fri this week @ 8 am, ( please arrive by 7:30 AM or give me a call) and then may switch to 3/4 day on Saturday. At this point Sunday's weather does not look good. Thanks for looking in land here are few pics.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sat/ Sun reports

     We had decent fishing on Sat morning with only a few showing up, don't get it with the nice weather, but better fishing in the afternoon, with another light crowd. Guess everyone was waiting for the Sea bass season to open on today and there was a good turnout. We again had a catch of porgies with some keeper sea bass mixed in and some blackfish. The afternoon trip was much better with mostly porgies and of course everyone has dinner to go home with. Sailing tomorrow morning trip only at 8 AM but the boat are all now leaving at 7:30 so it 's wise to be there by then , just in case not enough show up. NOT sailing Tues or Weds because of the weather and may switch to 3/4 day by Friday. Here are a few pics and thanks for looking in.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday 10/20 Another Porgy pounding

    Went out on our morning trip with just a few fishermen and looked around to find a great reading  so we anchored up and game on. Constant doubles and singles coming over the rail to the point of full buckets in an hour. Made one other move when it slowed up and  caught  them again. We had close to a boat limit. We will be sailing two trips tomorrow and Sunday @ 8 AM and 1 :30 PM. Sea bass opens on Sunday where you can keep 15. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Up date to Thurs 10/19

    We did not have enough to go out on Monday or Tues  but did go on Weds and today. Not the fishing we had but still everyone went home with a mess of  fish for a few dinners on Weds and better yet today. Still sailing only the morning trips on weekdays but may move it up to 7:30 AM (at least be there by then ) on Monday. Still two trips  on the weekends and the Black Sea Bass season opens on Sunday. Here are a few pics and thanks for looking in and again, please feel free to call me if you are unsure of the schedule.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sun 10/15 Another porgy beat down with backfish

    Two more fantastic catches of porgies on both the morning and afternoon tips, close to a boat limit in the afternoon. We also had a decent shot at blackfish , mostly shorts but some keepers in the mix. Sailing the morning trips only this week until the weekend then two trips again for Sat and Sun, Sunday the Back Sea Bass season opens. Not sure yet what our schedule will be starting next Monday. Here are some pics and thanks for looking in.