Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tues 5/31 Double boards onboth trips

      It was hot today but one side was cooler as we changed the drift. Picked away at the fish with two people on each trip, morning and afternoon,  making the board of a limit (1 over 18" & 2 between 17 - 18").  Caught Shorts, Slots and keepers on both trips. Back at it tomorrow so hope to see you on the dock.  Thanks for looking in and here are  pics of some of the fish. 

Memorial day Monday 5/31

         Another beautiful day on the water but the morning was a little toasty. Went back to where we fished the day before but had less action and fewer keepers, so it was not good. Onthe afternooon trip the breeze picked up and made it comfortable and the fishing (catching ) was much better. One limit plus of keeper fluke and a few people with two and and one. Sailing every day, 7 days including holidays, @ 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics, afternoon first. PS sorry for  the late post.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sun 5/29 not enough but good enough

     We had a nice turnout and had decent drifting conditions but only picked at the fish. Keeper fluke. shorts and some slots along with DOGFISH that showed up, but only a few. For a smaller group would have been good. On  the afternoon trip it started off ok but then the wind and current picked up and that was that. Ended up with as many keepers as the AM with less people. Here are some pics and thanks for looking in.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sat 5/28 Nice day but wrong forecast

    It was a very nice day on the water but the forecast was wrong for the afternoon. Picked slowly at the the fish, some keeper fluke, slots (17 -18") and some shorts.  One young lady was high hook with two keepers and there were singles around the boat. I was not sure about the afternoon if enough would show up with the forecast, but they did, just enough. Slower then the morning but did catch a few fish, mostly shorts. Thanks for looking in and sailing 2 trips every day @ 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM. We do not take reservations so just come down early if you are concerned about getting on the boat. No pics for the morning as I forgot the camera. Mike did put some up on my face book page.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday 5/27 Only got out in AM

     We went out to where we have been catching fish but only caught a few shorts and a keeper fluke. Went to another area and again a couple of keepers and a few shorts. Tried a few other areas with the same results so over all it was not a good morning. Couple of guys managed two some one and some none. Rick who took half the pool yesterday morning got it today, and chicken Mike who had a banner day yesterday could not connect, but that's fishing. No boats got out in the afternoon.  Here are a pics of some of them and back at it tomorrow. The weather does not sound great but we will be there  and I already had enough calls to go.  8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM. Thanks for looking in.

5/26 Decent AM and good PM

     We had a decent morning with John getting his limit and some with 2 and one keeper fluke. Not fast fishing but caught a few on every drift. In the afternoon we went out with a few and chicken Mike, who caught two in the AM came back out to finish his limit and did it a couple of times over, including the pool, as he was on fire. We had one other limit and everyone went home with fish. Here are some pics and thanks for looking in.