Monday, October 31, 2016

Sunday 10/30 good fishing continues

    We had another good day bottom fishing with lots of porgies,decent amount of keeper sea bass and a few keeper blackfish. The  problem with the sea bass is some just miss the new 13 size limit but there are a;lot of small ones. We had constant action on every drop and I do not understand why more  people are not showing up for it. Anyway with that said we will be on  the dock today but we will not be sailing Tues and Weds, 11/1 & 2. We will be switching to Striped Bass (we have bonus tags) on Friday until tog season opens. Hope to see you on the dock and here are a few pics (not enough for the catch),  and thanks for looking in.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saturday 10/29 report

     We had good action all day with more porgies coming up than sea bass that were mostly short but every one managed a few keeper bass. Even 2 little girls on board had a blast catching fish. Blackfish were also in the mix for those who fished for them. Back at it today so hope to see you. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weds 10/26 finally got out

    It was nice to out on the water again although it was breezy but not rough. Made a few drops that were duds then got on one that gave us plenty of action with  sea bass, mostly shorts a a good amount of keepers mixed in. Porgies and some blackfish also come up with Rich Stryker taking the pool with one of his. We will be on the dock this morning but I don't think there will be much down with the forecast. Tomorrow, Friday,  is a blow out and we will not be sailing. Here are a few pics and hope to see you on the weekend. Thanks for looking in. (Third pic is not from yest.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Update since Saturday

    None of the boats up here sailed on Sunday and only a few got out Mon and today. We did not but hope to tomorrow which looks like the best day of the week. We are still fishing for sea bass porgies and blackfish and will stay with that for now. Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon. Don't for get we are on a one trip schedule leaving @ 7:30 AM returning about 2:30/3 PM.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fri/Sat up dates

    We are not sailing this morning and I do not think any other boats from our port are either. Tomorrow, Sunday,  is not looking good either at this time but I will decide later, this evening.  Give me a call or check this report. The rest of the week looks good and hope we can get in on the sea bass action. Thanks for looking in. Don't forget we are now 3/4 day fishing @ 7:30 AM  to 2:30/3 PM.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thurs 10/20 not nice

     We went oout with really not enough but gave it a shot. The ocean was not nice and it got rougher as the morning went on. Only made one drop and picked porgies, everyone caught a few up to about a dozen but it was not good. I didn't want to try and anchor on another spot because of the seas so we went back to the bay and did pick a few with much nicer conditions. We will shape up tomorrow but be there by 7:30 AM because there may not be enough to go out with the showers forecast. As of now we will not be sailing Saturday with wind gusts to 40 . Thanks for looking in and here are the pics from yesterday.

Weds 10/19 report

    There was more current than yesterday since the high tide was an hr later but we read some fish and got a nice shot around the boat and then picked at them ( porgies). When it died we moved , found some more and picked away again. We had action all morning and everyone had fish to go home with up to a 3/4 bucket(5 gal) for one couple and some with half buckets. Left the camera on the boat so will put up pics later. Saturday is the opening day for black sea bass, however it is not looking like a day to go out with winds gusting to 40. I will keep you posted Thanks for looking in and hope to see you on the dock, and don't forget to call if your running late for nee more info. By the way  I forgot to mention Tuesday's pool fish was a big winter flounder shown in the pics.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tues 10/18 Another beauty

    We got another very summer like day today and the fish even cooperated better.  Looked over  and area and read them, anchored and picked away, no slaughter but a nice pick. Made a couple other moves and same thing with everyone, except one, going home with a nice mess of  fish with a nice winter flounder taking the pool.. Guess it was just not his day, but you could not beat the weather and the good time. We are sailing every day but only the morning trips @ 8 but like I said before, try to be there by 7:30 just in case we don't have enough to go out you can jump on another boat since they all now leave @ 7:30. 3/4 day starting on Saturday 10/22. also the opening day for sea bass. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Mon 10/17 rreport

     Headed out on a very nice morning and made a few droops at the end of the tide catching only a few.  When the current started to run we got a pick going until it got too fast. Moved out to a little slower water and only caught a few more. We will be switching to 3/4 day on Saturday leaving at 7:30 AM returning about 2:30 -3 PM and only doing one trip a day. Sea bass opens on Saturday so hope they hang around. See you on the dock and thanks for looking in.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday 10/16 Not bad

     We fished the areas we have been but had a little more time with a later change of tide. A few good shots of  porgies before the current got too fast so we moved on and picked some more with sea bass and black fish mixed in. High hooks  15 -20.  Same thing in the afternoon but with only a handful of fishermen so  that is why we are only doing morning trips this week but you may want to try and be there by 7:30 AM just in case there are not enough fishermen to go out, you can jump on another boat, everyone else will be sailing at 7:30. Here are few pics and hope to see you soon and don't forget if you are running late give me a call.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sat 10/15 report

    We made a couple of drops where we have been fishing and caught fish until the current ran too hard with the full moon tides. Moved offshore where there was less current but it was not good only catching a few porgies, small sea bass and black fish and a keeper blackfish that took the pool. Same thing happened on the afternoon trip but after the tide started to run we went to a different area where they caught them in the morning. the results were not much better. Tomorrow is our last 2 trip day before we switch to morning trips only. Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon. Here is only a pic of the reason for the strong current and higher and lower tides.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thurs 10/13 report

    We got out on another nice day and picked at the porgies with a few blackfish mixed in but only one keeper. Not as good as it has been with the moon tides and fast current but but a decent catch. Tomorrow looks like it may not be the nicest of days so you may want to wait till the weekend. Again we did not make the afternoon trip but we will hang in there until Sunday with two trip days. Monday we will start morning trip only schedule till Friday and go from there. Most likely a longer single trip as sea bass opens on  Oct 22. Thanks for looking in and see you soon. Here are a few pics from the last couple of days.

Weds 10/12 report

    Nice day and the good fishing continues as we had a high hook of almost 30 keeper porgies. Everyone caught fish had plenty to take home even leaving some for the crew.  Again not enough showed to make the afternoon trip but we will be back on the dock this morning as it should be a nice day. Tomorrow looks a little breezy and keep in mind we are approaching the full moon so the current is stronger and you will need to use heavier sinkers ( 8 - 10 ozs). For got the camera so will put the pics up later. Thanks for looking in.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tues 10/11 report - still there

    None of the boats sailed on Sunday and Monday with the gale winds. We got out today with a handful and the fishing was good. High hook was about 35 - 40 keeper porgies and everyone had plenty of fish. Not enough for the afternoon trip on this beautiful day. This will be our last week of two trips on weekdays and we will only sail the morning trips (half day) staring Monday till Friday next week. We will be trying to sail both trips every day this week. Here are a couple of pics since the camera or camera man malfunctioned. Hoe to see you soon and thanks for looking in.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sat 10/7 report - not sailing Sunday

     It was the same as yesterday, picking sway on the first drop and then it slowed up so we shifted and picked some more . Moved elsewhere and picked again. Some fishermen ended up with about 20 keepers on down to some with a handful, but all went home with fish. Not enough showed to make the afternoon trip which I thought would happen with the showers. We will NOT be sailing tomorrow, Sunday with the gale warnings up. We will be there for Monday, Columbus day. Hope to see you soon and thanks for looking in.

Friday 10/7 report

     The morning trip started off with a nice pick but then it died. Shifted around and picked some more until the last drop that was a little better. Everyone on board had fish to go home with, some only a few some with a decent mess. Not enough showed for the afternoon trip on such a nice day. We will be shaping up today and hope to get in the morning anyway, but not sure if enough will show for the afternoon with  showers in  the forecast. This coming week will be our last week for sailing two half day trips on week days, just not enough people showing up during the week. We will see what happens from there so check the schedule or call before coming down. Thank you for looking in.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thurs 10/6 Still here

    We did not make it out Monday afternoon or Tuesday but got out today for both trips.  We had good fishing on the morning trip with a high hook of a limit (50), a bucket full down to half buckets and a couple of blackfish mixed in. On the afternoon trip the out going tide made the swells bigger, but not rough, and slowed the bite down to a pick, therefore try to make the morning. Everyone caught some fish for dinner and more blackfish in the mix, both shorts and a few keepers. Here are a few pics ( one wrong pic, sorry) and hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tues 10/4 Should have been here yest.

     Got out in the morning and heard was rough n the ocean so we stopped in the bay to see if  thee was anything around. Caught a handful and then it died so we ventured out to the ocean. Got set up and picked some fish but not where we wanted to be so I reset but that was not better. Looked around and re set and started a pick but not like yesterday. High hook was about 20, 12 and on down, with a total of about 75 keepers. Back at it tomorrow so hope we can get back outside to the ocean if its no too rough. No pics just this report.

Monday 10/3 The beating continues - even for Jerry

    Went out to the ocean again, anchored up and immediately had fish flying over the rail. All around the boat people caught fish , even Jerry who had a tough time with keeper fluke this summer. We had double and even a couple of triple headers. The morning fishing was probably as good as it gets and we even had a shot of sea bass that had to go back. Went right back to the same place in the afternoon with a very light crowd, and where did they go? (including the people with good fishing and nice weather)  Made a couple of moves and then got on them again. One group of three filled two 5 gallon buckets of fish,with no water. Sailing two trips every day, wind permitting, so if you are not sure give me a call. Here are some pics.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday 10/2 Two good trips

  Just got done with a nice write up and hit the wrong key so I'm not doing it again. Fishing was very good in the morning in the bay and also good in the afternoon but we had to go to the ocean that still had a swell, and unfortunately some did not handle it well. Here are a few pics and keep an eye on the wind forecast this week.