Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31 report

    We decided to try another area since inshore was not good yesterday and we picked away at fish, more shorts then keeps but was decent compared to yesterday. Made a little shift and Paul landed a 9 lb beauty. Tried a couple other spots only to pick slower at the fish. Keepers around the boat  but no limits. We will b sailing tomorrow New Years day and through the weekend. Here are only a couple of pics. Hope to see you and if not have a happy , healthy new year.

12/27 & 30 reports

     We went out yesterday with only a few anglers but was not expecting to catch much after the strong east winds on Tues and we were right.  Went back to where we had ok fishing  on Sunday and found no life.  Moved out to deeper water and did catch some keepers and shorts along with a some dogfish but was not good. Sunday was much better good short action and some going home with 1 to 3 keepers. Sailing today through Sunday including New Years day on the same schedule of 7:30 AM to about 3 PM. Hope to see you and if  not have a Happy Healthy New Year. Here are pics from Sunday's trip.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sunday 12/20 report

     None of the boats from our dock sailed on Sat with the gale force wind forecast.  Everone did get out on Sunday although we only had a handful of anglers. Made a few drops in a little different area and picked on every drop catching mostly shorts and a few keepers mixed in. Although it was cold the wind did die out and it got much nicer but the southerly current kept pushing us off the drop. Every one ended up going  home with a dinner or two. Sailing every day weather and turnout permitting but if your not sure give us a call. Green crabs for bait and white crabs available. Hope to see you soon if not have a nice holiday. Here are a few pics from Sunday and one from Saturday.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday 12/18 report

   Well, we have not been out all week but squeaked out today with a handful of anglers and picked away at shorts with some keepers mixed in. Every one caught fish and most went home with a few fish.  Tomorrow does not look good with the gale force winds predicted so come Sunday if you can or another day. No pics for today with the camera on the boat so hope to see you soon and if not have a very nice holiday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekend report and pics

     The warm weather brought the people out but not the fish.  Very little wind and no surface current made for difficult anchoring and when we did get set on a spot the fish never turned on (maybe because of the new moon). Caught a few every drop but not enough. We had a good turnout on Friday and Sunday but Saturday we did not maybe  because eveeryone thought we would be crowded. We did not sail yesterday or today but tomorrow and the weekend  look good. Here are a few pics from the last few trips. Hope to see you soon and sailing every day weather permitting including New Years day with green crabs and white leggers.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thurs - Fri reports

     We decided to go out with only a handful on Thursday after being on the dock for two nice days.  Had a very nice day picking on shorts and keepers with everyone getting keepers to go home with except one guy.  Friday, we had a nice turnout as far as people are concerned,  but the fish did no want to cooperate. Anchoring was  not good,  and even when we were on the spot the fish did not want to bite or turn on.  Forgot the camera (only a couple of pics) but here is the report. Hope to see you soon with this great winter weather.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Monday 12/7 Another beauty

      The weather continues to hold up for December and we had a very nice day on the water with a light breeze and warm temps.  We even saw a few of our summer regulars that had a tough time getting the bite going but we did  pick at the blackfish, mostly shorts with keepers mixed in. We also had a short and a keeper codfish. No limits but most went home with fish including Bob who got a nice one on his side winder at the end (last pic). Did not make it out this morning but the weather looks good the rest of the week to Monday. Sailing every day @ 7:30 A M and we have green crabs for bait  with white leggers available. Hope to see you soon and if not enjoy your holidays. Here are a few pics.

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/5 &6 Weekend report

    Wow ! This is December? We have had very nice weather toe last two days, sunny, calm ocean and no wind. That says it right there, no wind and very little current makes it tough to stay on a spot. We did not have a good day on Saturday picking a few shorts and not a lot of keepers running around to different areas and putting in overtime. Sunday though we stayed up in one area and put together a nice catch of blackfish  with Jimmy Lee leading the pack taking his limit out of 8 keepers to 6 lbs. Gary Kanya took the pool with a 7 1/2 lber. but also caught three others including a 6 and 5 lber. There were other nice fish around the boat so hope we can repeat it today. We are still sailing every day ,weather permitting at 7:30 AM. Here are a few pics and one from Sat.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday 12/4 nice day

     Went out on a nice morning with a small group and tried a closer area just to catch a few shorts and keepers so we moved on.  Conditions not bad and we started to pick away at shorts and some keepers so we hung in there. The bite got better so we stayed making only one shift to pick away mostly shorts but a decent amount of keepers mixed in. Everybody caught fish and some getting 2, 3 or 4 keepers but those that wanted them went home with fish. Here are a few pics and hope to see you soon as the weather looks good for the next few days.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

11/29 Sunday's report

    We tried a different area in shallower water and picked away at shorts(blackfish) and only a couple of keepers so made a little shift to get a few more keepers but less action on the shorts. We  then moved offshore a little to catch some bigger fish but not enough of them. Just an ok day with everyone catching fish but not all getting keepers.  I was disappointed to read a comment on the face book page that one person said we stayed on a spot for hours catching nothing, Really?  As most of you know I would not do that and the only day that it may have seemed that way was was one of the two days we could not lay on anything (stay on one spot) because of no wind or current and the boat just went where it wanted to go. So I let it go in hopes of drifting over another spot that held fish. Not my fault and all the boats had the same  problem. Another comment was the mate told a guy we would go for sea bass also but I think he meant striped bass. We are blackfishing, that what the sign and ads read,  and unless we had a great day and went home early enough to  have time to stop on bass on top that WERE biting, then I might  if all agreed to it.  I always try my best and usually more then some others, but to those two guys, come to me if you have a problem,  instead of posting on the internet when you don't have the right facts.  Good luck on the other boats you guys try. Here are just a couple of pics.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday 11/28 Nice ocean

     The forecast was for seas 3 - 5 ft but it was only a swell as there was very little wind again. This also made it tough to stay on the spot again but we managed. Picked some shorts and a few keepers where we started but then moved to another area and had better conditions and fishing. Mate Earl, who was not working, came out to fish and got his limit out of the 8 keepers he caught. Pete Batista got the pool with one his keepers and there were others around the boat including guys who had rod rentals. Tomorrow 's weather looks ok but  Monday through Weds does not. Hope to see you and here are a few pics.

11/27 Black (fish) Friday

    Good turnout for the boats on a unseasonably warm November day.  Very little wind and not much current until late made the anchoring conditions very tough, as we could not stay on one spot too long with slack anchor lines. But those that stuck at it and have fished blackfish before put together a decent catch. Irish Kevin got his limit of 6 and Bob Caputo 4 with  the pool. Had the honor of having John Impaglia on the boat who was the person who got me started in the business back in 1969. Yes I stared at the bottom coming down after school to help John clean the boat and help out on the weekends. John did catch a nice keeper and there were others around the boat but mostly in the bow. Today and tomorrow look ok but check with us for the weather on Monday and Tues. Here are some pics of Bob, Kevin,( his catch) and John at the bottom.

Friday, November 27, 2015

11/26 Thanksgiving day , Ladies day

      It strarted out on the chilly side but warmed up nicely as the day went on.  Nice ocean early and then a roll built up even though there was very little wind. This made it difficult to stay on the spot but we picked slowly with a couple of young ladies starting off catching the first few keepers. Only a half day trip but high hook and pool winner Roger Lee, ended up with 5 keepers. Others had 3, 2 or one and some shorts.  Here are a few pics  and we are back on our 3/4 day schedule of 7:30 AM to # PM. Weather looks ok through Monday other than a few showers.