Thursday, August 31, 2017

Update thru Weds

    Since Sunday we have not been able to get back out into the ocean and have been restrained to the bay. Picking only some shorts with only a few keepers at least it was comfortable. Little breezy on Monday and the boats that tried to go out to the ocean turned around and came back. Tuesday we did not go out as did most of the boats but Weds was very nice, especially in the afternoon but the ocean still had a big swell. We will see what happens today,Thurs, if we can go out into the ocean and if the fish are still there. Sometimes after a big blow the fish take off this time of year. Her are some pics and thanks for looking in.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sunday 8/27 Another good day

    We were the only  half day boat to venture out into the ocean after one drift in the bay where we caught a keeper and few shorts. Very good action (constant) where we went to with keeper and short fluke, sea robins and a few dog fish to keep the rods bent the whole time. Its nice to see people happy even they didn't get a keeper to take home. Went straight out there on the afternoon trip and had the same results but it started to get rolly with the east wind and ebb tide but everyone seem to handle it well. Bill O'hara who was looking for his 4th straight pool is not get it but his girlfriend Kathy (who is camera shy) did. Not sure if we can get out there today but we may take a look but definitely won't be able to go out there the next few days. Tomorrow does not look good and may only try for the morning trip so call before you come down. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sat 8/26 Do I or not and took a shot

     Another beautiful day in the morning, in fact too nice so there was very little drift. Managed to put a few keepers in the boat and some shorts on the first 2 drifts then went looking for something better. Wherever we went no drift until the last spot. Picked away at mostly shorts and then it was time to go but the drift would have gotten too fast anyway. Decided to try something different in the afternoon, took a shot and we scored. Had several fish on right away and had a good pick on shorts and sea robins and some keepers. A super first drift with it turning into one of the best keeper fluke trips of the season and your wondering why I didn't post until this morning? Because not only do customers read my reports but so do other private, party and charter boats who leave before us. Today is the day to go out because looks like we will not be able to fish there after tonight. Thanks for looking in and here are pics of some of the fish. The lady hold up  a limit of three was using a rod rental and also got the pool and birthday "boy" Artie (74) got his 2 keepers on the first drift.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Friday 8/25 and pics

    We made a drift close to home and got a keeper and a few shorts before going back to where we have been fishing. We picked a few keepers and some shorts and sea robins but not the action we have had and then we lost the drift.. On the afternoon trip we went right back and had a decent first drift of keepers but again not much action. Picked a few more on different drifts with better drifting conditions then the morning. Her are some pic for the last few days and thanks for looking in. The weather has been great and the next few days look good too so come on down and enjoy it.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Weds/Thurs reports

    Here we go again, just when we thought it was getting better it fell apart again. Less action and only a few keepers on both trips Weds so we tried closer to home on Thurs AM with the same results. On the afternoon trip we traveled to the back again and started off with good action of mostly sea robins and some shorts but only a couple of keepers. Made a few other drift and ended the afternoon with a relatively decent catch of keeper fluke with the last fish being the pool fish, a young mans first keeper too. Sept. 5 is the last day of the Fluke season and then we will switch to bottom fishing still on the half day schedule for now. Forgot the camera so will post pics later. Thanks for looking in.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tuesday 8/22 action

     We had to take a ride again but at least there was good action with the shorts and some keepers mixed in. The afternoon was again better than the morning but there was also fewer boats to contend with. The weather looks good till the end of fluke season, Sept 6. Hope to see yous soon and thanks for looking in. Here are a few pics of some of the fish.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday 8/21 better

    We had to take a ride to another area but we found more action with the shorts and some nice keepers mixed in. The afternoon was a better for us than the morning but an improvement. The fish seem to be on the move so maybe we will get a shot at them moving out. Here are a some pics and thanks for looking in.