Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday 6/30 Not what we expected but our first 10 lber

    Had good conditions when we went out  and expected to catch them where we left them biting yesterday afternoon. Only a slow pick but did put together a decent catch by the end of the morning with keepers around the boat and some short action. Karissa would have gotten the pool with her 7 1/2 lber  but a fish just shy of 9 lbs beat her, although both were caught within minutes of each other.  The afternoon trip also had good conditions and the same thing happened with a slow pick of shorts and keepers. However, we did get our biggest of the season, a 10 lb beauty by Dan Olgalvie, (showing his grand kids up) not sure if the spelling is right, and also one about 7 lbs. along with others keepers but not a lot. By the way Dan "doc" would be proud or maybe jealous, may he rest in peace. Sailing  every day including holidays, so hope to see you soon and thanks for looking in. Oh and by the way, we are also running a monthly pool along with our season pool which only has a 7 1/2 lb leader even though we have caught several over 9 lbs and the ten pound fish today not in it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weds 6/29 a turnaroound

    We did not make it out on Tuesday with only a few showing up both trips. this morning was almost too nice with very little wind and also little tide to give us a very slow drift, and having to move out of the channel for tugs and barges did not help. The wind did pick up but from the wrong direction but we had a slow pick all morning at both keepers and shorts with Dan Wong taking the pool with a 7 lber. The afternoon trip started ok with some shorts and keepers but then that drift died. Moved up the channel waiting for the tide and wind together drift and it happened. Once we started moving we started picking and they turned on. People often ask which trip is better, it all depends on conditions and ship traffic. Not traffic and a good drift gave us a good afternoon with teacher Bob taking his limit out of his 6 keepers, a few others had 2 and 3 ks for a nice catch around the boat. My long time buddy Steve Bensen from high school who now lives in Florida and is visiting and had 3 keepers himself. Here are a few pics and hope to see you soon. Thanks for looking in.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday 6/27 report.

     We had a good morning picking at some shorts and keepers after the ship went through first thing  but before then there was not much going on. Ended up on a good note with quite a few keepers around the boat but not as god as yesterday. On the after noon trip the old south wind kicked up so we were stranded to the bay but made the best of it. Mostly shorts but ok  with  a good amount of keepers mixed in. Here are some pics so hope to see you soon.

soon but tomorrow afternoon does not look good. Thanks for looking in.

Sun 6/26 pics and details

    Like I said the morning was good despite a tanker going thru on the first drift. Got the fish started again and picked away at some nice keepers to over 6 lbs. Vinny Batista limited with 5, Bob Caputo 4, Pat lamb 3, etc with others all around the boat. Then as the wind kicked up we saw less with the faster drift. On the afternoon we went back to the same are but no good.  Tried a few other areas only picking st shorts and an only a few keepers up to over 6 lbs again. Here are the pics and hope to see you soon. Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sun 6/26 Great A M but tough P M

   Just a short report, and I will elaborate tomorrow morning with a full report and pics. Good A M trip  with a  limit and some with 3 & 4 keepers. The  South wind kicked up in the afternoon and that hurt the fishing, picked at a shorts but only a few keepers. Check back in the morning and thanks for looking in.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sat 6/25 Nice day and turnoout- come early

    We did not expect the turnout we had but two of the half day boats were chartered or had a big group. Unfortunately we had to leave some folks on the dock. Therefore be there early on the weekends because you never know what to expect and and also give yourself time for traffic or an accident. We had pretty good fishing on the morning trip with a good amount of keepers. High hooks were 4 and 3 and the pool was almost 7lbs. On the afternoon trip conditions would not let us fish the same area but we did have some good action with shorts but not a lot of keepers to go with them up to 4 1/2 lbs.. Here are a few pics ( not enough) and thanks for looking in.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday 6/24 not like last week

    We had a decent turnout on the morning but not the crowd we had last week. Good conditions to fish the channel with some wind and tide together so we started there only to get an out bound ship to shut it down. picked some shorts and keepers and then moved out of the channel and picked some more. Action was not bad but not a lot of keepers but Pat lamb got his 3 keepers. On the afternoon trip we could only fish one area but ended up ok picking shorts and a decent amount of keepers. Bob, Mike and John all got a couple of keeps to take home.  Pete Batista made both trips wining the morning pool with his first fish and with his son had their limit for the day, Pete with 8 and son 2. Here are a few  pics so hope to see you soon, thanks for looking in.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thurs 6/23 report - another wrong forecast

    The weather people blew it again as we got no rain and very little wind. Small groups on both trips we managed to pick at a good amount of shorts and some keepers mixed in. Pool fish by John Mundjer of 7 1/2 lbs along with his other keeper on the morning trip and high hook was 3 keepers. On the afternoon trip high hook was 3 keepers also along with multiple shorts. Weather looks good for the next few days so come on down and here are a few pics but the crew should have taken more. By the way, if anyone has a real problem with a crew member, please don't be afraid to tell me, I can't be at two places at once and can not see every thing that happens on deck. Thanks for checking in and hope to see you soon.