Saturday, August 29, 2020

Weds /Thurs 8/27 & 28

     Weds morning turned out very nice with no winds and good drifting conditions so we picked away the short fluke and  keepers where 1/3 of the boat went home a one. In the afternoon the wind kicked up again so we had to stay in our by by the navy pier and picked at the shorts  and couple of small blue fish when we got out to the knoll on the last drift. On Thursday we had good action with the shorts but not as many keeper fluke as Weds on the morning trip. In the afternoon the pick was slower but we did boat a few more keeper fluke. We will be sailing today as long as enough  show up to go out. Thanks for looking in, here are some pics and don't forget your masks.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Weds 8/26 Despite the wind it was ok

    The wind blew earlier and more than they predicted but we got both trips in.  It  was beautiful on land and we did roll around but no one got sick as we picked away at the fish, short and keeper fluke up to about 5 lbs. There is some rain this morning but it should clear up and we will be going out. Don't forget your masks and phone reservations on weekends and nice weekdays. One other note, some areas have bad reception so please leave you name and phone number when you call. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Update to Tues 8/25

     The last two days have not been that good as far as keeper fluke, managing a some but not enough, but we are still picking at the shorts and other fish. The weather has been nice despite what the weather people predict and with  that, we had nobody to go out with this afternoon, and as you can see it turned out fine.  Artie took the pool Monday afternoon and Bill Lankenau got beat out this morning by his buddy after winning three in a row. Sailing every day and reservations are suggested on weekends and the really nice days. It's only a phone call with your name and number, but if you have a group, it really helps to call ahead. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Sunday 8/23 A slight chance ?

    We had a good turnout in the morning, unfortunately some people did not call and were turned away as are trying to keep the amount of people limited. It was the opposite in the afternoon as we got just enough people to go out and I'm guessing because of the chance of a shower or t storm which we never got. We picked away in the morning catching short and keeper fluke, a few sea robins and dogfish, and a few nice big porgies with Steve K taking the pool in the morning. On the afternoon trip we fished a different area and picked at he fluke with couple of people catching two keepers with Tucker (orange shirt)  getting his limit for the day(caught one on the morning trip) and local, Sue, also caught two. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics. Please call for reservations on weekends and really nice weekdays.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sat 8/22 Did it again the other way

   We  picked away at short fluke and some keepers on the first couple of drifts before losing it and then went to another area but it was not as good. Was an ok morning but a better afternoon as we reached double digit number of keeper fluke, but it get hot in the afternoon. Couple of guys had two but no limits. We still have room on this afternoons trip (Sunday) but only a few spots left this morning. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday 8/21 Another good one

      Went back out to where we had some fish yesterday and picked away with shorts and some keeper fluke.  Very comfortable weather in the morning but the afternoon got a little warm on one side of the boat that was in the sun and out of the breeze. Double digits in keeper fluke int he morning, with Mike Walsh getting his limit of 3  and better than handful of keepers in the afternoon with half the people. The short action was not great but ok. Here are some pics and thanks for looking in. The facebook connection is no working, so always check my blog.