Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thurs 4/28 Big Bues but no stripes

   We had another nice day picking at some big blue fish but only had a bass on and a follow up on a bait.  The customers had an fun time reeling them in and had some dinner to take home.  At least we are getting some action at the rails and hopefully the bass will start to mix in.  Had some nice epics of the fish but there was a problem with the computer so we will put them up tom. Hope to see you soon and don't be afraid to call if  you are not sure about the weather or the fishing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weds 4/27 A Blue day

    We did not make it out in the morning but did in the afternoon with a small group. As I have been telling everyone the fishing has been very tough and catching almost nothing but today some bluefish showed up and had a nice pick of big blues to keep busy with.  After a few bite offs we put the wire leader hooks on and then started to land them. We fished both clams and bunker but everyone soon switched to bunker. Bluefish may not be the best eating fish for most people but the are one of the best fighting fish and lots of fun to catch.  Keep an eye on the weather and pick the nicer days to come down or talk a few of your buds to come down with you so we have enough to go out. Hope to see you soon and here are a few pics.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Update to Sun 4/24 Come on Fluke (season)

     Well we got a little tease last Weds when a few stripers were caught and on Friday there was an early shot of jig fish but we were not out. Overall though the striped bass fishing is not good but there are a few blues showing up as we did catch one on Sunday's morning trip. The highlight of the week was a would have been keeper fluke on Thursday morning's trip which of course we released, not easily though. We will see what this week brings and MAY  have to fish for other species that we can catch depending on the weather and other factors. It will Captain's choice type of thing so just bring a medium action rod and that should be good enough for what we decide to  do if it comes to that. Hope to see you soon and don't be afraid to call us and ask if you are not sure of the weather or the fishing. Tuesday does not look good but Wednesday does. here are couple pics of fish to come.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Weds 4/20 Finally an improvement

   We have some tough fishing lately saw a little improvement today. Got out on the morning run with only a handful of fishermen but did catch a couple of bass, missed a few and lost a bluefish.  We are hoping things will improve from now on as the fishing has hurt the attendance of fishermen despite the beautiful weather. Hope to see you soon and try to pick the nicer days if you can. Here are a few pics.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday /Monday 4/17 &18 Nice weather

   We got out on both trips Sunday but with only a handful on the afternoon trip and also on Monday morning  with the same results despite the nice weather. Only a few are being caught by the party boats but we are still trying to sail 2 trips every day. We  have fresh clams and fresh bunkers when we can get them but we have not seen any fish to jig this past week.  We think the fish are not cooperating because they may be spawning.  Hopefully this will not last much longer so hope to see you soon and you  will be on the trip when they turn on. Be the report,  don't read it.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fri -Sat reports 4/15 & 16 Won't sugar coat it

    We made it out Friday A M & this morning but not the afternoons due to lack of turnout.  To put it bluntly the fishing or should I say catching  sucks.  Lots of readings and nice weather but the fish do not want to cooperate. Tried clams, jigging and even bunker chunks but to no avail. I am not alone in this boat as most  of the party boats came in in with nothing. Guessing the fish are on the spawn and hope things will change in the next few of days.   Come down and enjoy the nice weather and good company the next couple of  days and hopefully u may hit  the day it turns on. We are sailing every day, two trips @ 8 & 1:30. Of course I don't have any pics for you but thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sunday Aparil 10 Stripers

     We did not sail on
Saturday as did the other boats but did make it out on Sunday.  Chris Panyko started us off  nailing 3 shorts in a row and ended up catching 2 keepers later on that morning. His buddy, who going by the name of Leroy Brown, caught his first ever striper that also ended being the pool fish of 15 1/2 lbs. Nice going Leroy.  We ended up with 5 keepers and about a dozen shorts for only a handful of fishermen. We jigged most of the morning but did catch a couple of shorts on clams. On the afternoon trip we squeaked out again with just a few anglers but the bite was not as good and we did not catch as many as we did on the morning trip. Here are a few  pics and we will be starting daily half day trips on Friday April15 sailing @ 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM  weather permitting. If you are not sure weather or not ( no pun intended) we will be sailing , give us a call. Thanks for checking in and hoop to see you soon.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Not Saturday - the weather does not look good

   We were planing on trying to go out  over the weekend but the weather on Saturday does not look good so if you are planing to fish the weekend come down on Sunday instead.  Rain and N E winds will not make it a pretty day so why be uncomfortable.  Not to mention there will probably not be enough patrons to sail anyway.  We will give it a go on Sunday and then start our daily schedule on Friday April 15. Hope to see you soon and  thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weds April 6 - will try the weekend

   Hi everybody, its been a long winter and hope it's been kind to you. I know some some of you are anxious to start fishing with the few nice days we have had so we will give it a shot . From what I can gather the fishing  has not been that good except for some of the trollers, not much on bait.  We will try and sail  this weekend and we will not begin our daily schedule until Friday April 15.  We will do half day trips at 8 AM and 1:30 PM , but you may want to show up at 7:30 in case there are not enough  fares to go out you can get on a 7:30 boat. Bring rods to cast with like spinning rods, as the bait bite did not start yet and we may jigging.  Hope to see you soon.