Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tues/Weds 6/27-8 Not much going on but some do.

     The last couple of days have been a struggle catching only a few keeper fluke and some shorts along the usual other fish, like sea robins and dogfish sharks. But there is always someone who has the right combination to catch one, two or three keepers. Yesterday morning a young lady who won the pool on fathers day took it again and on the afternoon trip one man had 2 keepers . We also had the pleasure of having a couple of Rutgers professors, Dan Olgalvie and Tracy (a neuro scientist) on board. Today was a really nice day but we had the same results, but  this afternoon "teacher " Bob Sorg got his limit of three keepers and the pool. Here are are few pics and thanks for looking in. Hopefully things will change soon.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mon 6/26 The song remains the same

     Another beautiful day today with sunshine and nice temps. We worked hard to gather up some keepers on both trips and the short life is still not there, only a few along with the sea robins and others. We even ventured out to another area with the same results. Big Steve finally broke his cherry after a few trips with a nice keeper.  Back at it tomorrow and hopefully things will turn around soon. My personal belief is that not only did we have a cold spring and the water temps are not up to par but the excessive rain changed the salinity and there is not much bait around in the bay. The fish are there but way offshore. Here are a few pics so come enjoy the nice weather and good company on the boat, maybe you might even get dinner to take home. Its not only about the catching but its fishing and you never know.

Sun 6/25 No quantity but quality

   Beautiful day  and the boats got a good turnout. First keeper (fluke) was a 4.5 lber . Couple of drifts later a 8.5 lber was landed by Jimmy Lee. We also caught 2 more @ 4 1/4 lbs along with other keepers, shorts, sea robins and dogfish (sharks).  Not a lot of action but half the morning we had a very slow drift. We had better conditions in the afternoon as the breeze picked up and we caught a few more fish with Frankie (the chin) catching the first keeper and one at the end of the afternoon. Marissa, though, took the pool honors  with one of her two keepers. Here are few pics and sorry for the late report. Thanks for looking in.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sat 6/24 Make the best of it

    After heavy rain in the morning for about an hour the sky cleared by 8:30 am for a beautiful day. We tried several different areas but caught mostly shorts but did end up with a few keepers for the morning. Rod rentals dragging bait was the ticket in the morning as a nice group of people that came to celebrate a friends birthday caught the fish and had a great time. On the afternoon trip we caught more keepers although being restricted by the wind to certain areas. John Mundjer did it again getting his limit (3)and the pool in the afternoon but did not catch a fish in the morning. Here are few pics and thanks for looking in.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Fri 6/23 Slow AM but not bad PM

   The weather people got us again with a nice morning and only a little shower. Fishing wa s not good with only a couple of keepers and some shorts. The turn out was worse in in the afternoon,  when there was not a drop of rain or a T storm. Went out with just a few fishermen and had a nice afternoon. Lenny got his limit (3) keepers and Paul 2 keepers on down. here are a few pics and again look at the weather the last minute before you make a decision, because they have been WRONG ! Thanks for looking in.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weds/Thurs 6/21/22 reports - No good to a little better

   We had  a tough day yesterday with only some shorts and a few keepers on both trips. We didn't make up for it but it was a little better today with a hand full of keepers in the morning and double that in the afternoon. Fred  (who took the pool) and Kathy caught three keepers between them and there were keepers and shorts around the boat. So if your lucky or good you can get a few for dinner but the trip  was very nice with a cool breeze and nice people on the boat to enjoy the day. Hopefully things improve so hope to see you soon. Thanks for looking in.

and here are a few pics.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mon-"Tues 6/19-20 Not much change

     The weather people got us on Monday although it was not a bad day. Only made the morning trip with strong SW winds but it was not rough in the bay. Picked at some shorts but keepers were hard to find. Roger got the pool with his keeper. This morning was the same, tried a lot of spots and mostly shorts and not much action. The afternoon trip was a little better With Mike getting a 2 keepers on one drift but not the pool. Here are a few picks and thanks for looking in.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday 6/18 Its fishing and thank you Roger Lee

     We went out this morning with not as  big a crowd as expected and fished where we caught some nice ones yesterday but guess what, they were not there. Ended the morning with only a few keepers and shorts, with Roger holding the pool until the last drift when Vinny Batista beat him. I should have posted last nite and last week that Roger Lee was donating free hats to all, and a rod and reel to the  biggest keeper by a girl or someone under 16, my mistake. On the afternoon trip the wind kicked up but it was not rough band we picked at shorts and keepers with one young man getting 2 keepers and a handful of shorts.  Sailing every day and wait until the last minute to check the weather because they have not been right. Here are a few pics ( first one is how some Caps put their pics up lol) and thanks for looking in. Some of the On the Deck girls are supposed to be coming tomorrow morning so hope to see you soon.