Thursday, August 30, 2018

Thurs 8/30 Dolphins,Whale Fluke and seabass

     We headed out to the channel and were greeted by a pod of dolphins(flippers). Took a minute to enjoy them and headed on out. Picked a few short fluke and sea robins in the first area then headed on out to another area. No drift with wind against the tide but still caught a few fish. As the drift got better so did the fishing and we put together a catch of keeper fluke with  a limit,who also got the pool, two and on down. Not a bad morning. Went out in the afternoon after the tie stared to run and it was too fast a drift. We did pick a few short fluke and other stuff so we moved on. We did end up getting a drift with some keeper fluke and sea bass but it was a fast drift. the afternoon was not as good as the morning but it was a nice day on the ocean except for the uninvited guests, the flies that got hungry. A big whale did jump up for a quick show and then we headed in.  Thanks for looking in and we're are sailing tomorrow, and every day, rain or shine, two trips at 8 AM and again @ 1:30 PM. Here are some pics.

Tues/Weds reports

    We are still picking away at the shorts, thankfully we have them to fill in the gaps of the keeper fluke we catch. Most of the fishing is in the channel but when that gets too fast we fish shallower water. Even the kids are getting into the fishing which is nice to see. The boy  holding the dogfish shark happens to be the grand son of Captain Charlie Jr of the Miss Highlands and Super Cat party boats for those of you who have been around as long as I have. The Miss Highlands was the first boat I worked on as a young boy, I think in 1969. Here are some  pics and thanks for looking in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Monday 8/27 Good fluking

     We  went out expecting a roll on the ocean after the wind on Sunday but it was very nice.  Made  one short stop to catch a couple of shorts and sea robins then continued to channel. the drift was slower then I thought it would be but the fish were coming up all around the boat. Everyone caught including some of the youngsters on board and they were thrilled. Once the tide changed and the current picked up we started catching more keepers, especially in the bow. Wish every trip could be that way. On the afternoon trip we made a sop waiting for the current to ease off in the channel but the breeze also picked up but not bad and it felt great.  Picked a few short fluke and other stuff and then moved on. Picked away again but not the action we had in the morning and  half the keepers. Here are  some  pics and thanks for looking in.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Sat/Sun reports 8 / 25 - 26

     The nice weather brought the people out this weekend , on the morning trips anyway. If you can only fish on weekend day that is very nice and want some room then come in the afternoon.  Both mornings we ended up in the channel picking away at shorts with some nice keeper fluke and sea bass. Saturday afternoon started ok but then the drift stopped at the end of the tide and we had wind against. Then we started moving and picking until it got too fast and we had to retreat to the bay. On Sunday afternoon we were hit with a hard south wind as we rounded the hook and had to retreat again. We picked a few fish in the bay in different areas but it was not good. The next few days look good as far as the wind forecast so we will be back out in the ocean, but there is a swell, but not rough. Thanks for looking in and here area few pics.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Weds thru Friday - it's getting better

    The weather has certainly played havok on the fishing so Weds we only got out out with a few customers and only caught a few fish.  Thursday more showed up but the fishing was not much better but one young man, Daniel Zacharowsky had his day, on  his 13 th birthday caught the first keeper that held up for the pool. It was windy that day so we were limited to where we could fish and be comfortable. On Friday morning, much nicer weather so we got back out to the channel and had good action with short fluke, etc and some keepers mixed in. On the afternoon trip we caught a lot more keeper fluke  and some keeper sea bass mixed in. One of our better trips of late, both weather and fishing. hope this is trend for the better so hope to see you soon with the nice weather coming up and thanks for looking in, here are some pics.