Monday, November 30, 2020

Sunday 11/29 Another good one

      The good striped bass fishing is still on. The best of the action has been in the first part of the morning but we caught stripers and blues all day. Limiting out on bonus fish (24 - 28") and getting keepers of 28 - 38", so everyone goes home with a fish or two.  Pool fish went 37 1/2 " , what a beauty as has been the weather the last few days.  Nobody out today, Monday,  and tomorrow does not look good either. See you on Weds and thanks for looking in. Here are some pics of only few of the fish.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Sat 11/28 Wow ! Even better

     We caught some on the first couple of drifts and then had a super drift with the crew and my self netting and gaffing, big stripers and blues.  Limited out on slots and threw some back and had more keepers(28 - 38") then the last few trips including a 42" slob that had to go back. The unfortunate thing was that some people left without taking some fish, and the crew and I busted our hump making sure everyone would go home with one. Back at it tomorrow but not Monday or Tuesday with the weather coming. Plenty of room for social distancing so come get them while its hot. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics that do not do the day justice.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Fri 11/27 beating - What are you waiting for

      The striper fishing could not be better, so if you want to catch a few come down now. High hook was by an 11 yr old that caught close to 20 bass. Everyone went home with fish and we had plenty of room on the boat. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics of some of the catch.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Weds 11/25 U missed it

    We went out on Weds but only cause i know the fishing would be good, we did not have enough but went out anyway.  Caught fish all day long, limiting out on the first two drifts with bonus fish and a keeper. High hook was somewhere around 15 - 20  stripers  and blues, and we did catch a few more keepers at the the end. The forecast was rain all day today so we did not try, of course they were wrong. Back at it tomorrow, Black Friday and the weekend, so come on down with your spin rods if you have one, and masks. We will be staying with the striped bass until it slows up but now is not the time to switch to blackfish.  Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Monday 11/24 Where were u - Striper time

     All summer and fall,  customers ask when will I switch to stripers. Well that's what we are doing now and the bite is on, but nobody showed up today for us. Back at it tomorrow so come on down, don't for get your masks and food, and dress warm. I was thinking of doing a half day trip on Thanksgiving but the weather is calling for rain and I don't think enough will show up. If you are interested give me a call and we will see who we can round up. I don't want to waste your time or mine if nobody comes down. Thanks for looking in and hope to see you soon, stay safe and well.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday 11/22 Good one & Not sailing Monday

     The forecast was east winds 15 - 20 and I knew the fish would bite but it was rougher than I and the other boats expected.  The fish  did bite though, as we limited the boat out in bonus fish so everyone went home with one. Jamie led the way after some of the young fishermen caught a few, and ended up high hook catching  about 8 otr10 fish. But the bad news is it was NOT nice out there and a few guys did not agree with the conditions, if you know what I mean. We will not be sailing tomorrow with the rain and wind forecast so see you  on Tues. We will also sail on Thanksgiving for a half day trip but give me a call for reservations so I know if enough will be showing up. They are calling for rain as of now and don't want you to waste a trip. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.


Sat 11/21 Boats and blues in the mix

     There were a lot more boats out and that did not help the fishing. We could not even get back to where we caught fish without going around boats. We did put a catch together as we  picked away at shorts and bonus fish along with more blues than yesterday. We did get a keeper bass that just made it. Back at it today and we should have much better drifting conditions. Please do not forget your masks and bring what you want for food and drinks. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday 11/20 finally out

     We finally got out this morning and had a good day. Action all morning until the tide dropped out but we had a decent catch by then. Those that could, did, as usual with multiple fish that the gave away. Bonus tag fish(24 - < 28") around the boat and a few keepers (28 - 38") also.  Here are a couple of pics that do us no justice as we had more than shown in the pics. Thanks for looking in and come on down, reservations not needed but bring a mast and your own food and drink.