Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tueday 5/31 report

    Not much of a turnout today despite the nice weather forecast.  We started the morning with a very slow drift on only tide and no wind. Got surprised when one of the rod rentals reeled in a 7 lber and of course he was not in the pool. Worked a couple of different areas only to find a slow pick for the morning of some shorts and keepers with a high hook of 3 keepers. Again  the afternoon trip turned out better with more action and more keepers."Backpack"  Bob landed 4 keepers and several other guys had 2 or 3 keepers including Walt who took the pool on the end of the last drift with one of his 2 keepers, giving us a nice catch of fish for those who worked at it. Thanks for looking in and here are a few pics.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sun & Monday reports - They got us

      As usual the the weather  people got us again predicting horrible rains today that down here we didn't get. It was actually a very nice day with light winds and comfortable temps. A slow start this morning with no drift in the first couple of places we tried and  then we found a little and started off the morning with a young lady , Grace Comber about 5, catching a 4 3/4 lb beauty. She and her family ended up with a 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 lber to go along with her pool fish for dinner. The afternoon also started slow, picking at shorts and only a couple of keepers but then we eventually put a catch together with almost as many keepers and fishermen. Bob Stankwich took the pool with a 7 1/2 lb lunker. Sunday was almost the same with a lot more people on board thinking Monday would be a washout, we picked slowly a shorts with a few keepers. On the afternoon trip the south winds kicked up and it was actually cold on the water but we put a very nice catch together matching opening day. Here are a few picks and thanks for looking in.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sat 5/28 A stranger comes aboard

     We had a slow start to the morning trip but eventually picked some fish, but not as fast or as many as we would like. Keepers spread around the boat along with some shorts. Caught a few almost every where we went but not enough. We did get a surprise visitor catching a spiny burr fish, like a blow fish but with big spines and released it.. Would not want to grab this baby.  A little better fishing on the afternoon trip but we did not get the breeze we were expecting so it got little toasty on the sunny side of the boat that was also out of the little breeze we had. Picked all afternoon and had a better catch. Here are a few pics and we are sailing  rain or shine as tomorrow looks a little wet, we will be there to go. Thanks for looking in.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fri 5/27 Anther beauty

     We had another beautiful day on the water with southerly breezes that kept the temps comfortable. In the afternoon it actually got a little chilly believe it or not but it gave us god drifting conditions in the open bay. Picked at mostly shorts with keepers mixed in seems like a few more fish are filtering into the bay with the warmer temps. We have a nice weekend ahead so come on down and don't forget your green gulps. Here are a few pics. Oh and by the way, these are only some of the fish not all we caught.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Thurs 5/6 report

     We  didn't get the turnout like that on Weds and we only had to fish one side so there were no under the boat tangles. Started the morning off with the pool fish of almost 7 lbs and picked at shorts and a few keepers. Not as many as we would like but enough to keep it interesting and we had a few blues in the mix.  In the afternoon the southerly winds kicked up so we went to an area we caught some a couple of days ago but  only caught a few shorts.  the weather on the water has been very nice so don't let the heat warnings stop you from coming down. Sailing every day including holidays so come on down. Here are a few pics including what a blue fish can do to a fluke.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Weds 5/25 What a day !

     We gorgeous weather today with a light westerly breeze that kept the temps very nice. The only problem it counter acted the tide so we had very little drift and you know what happens then. Therefore, we had little action in the early part of the morning till we found some drift as the tide changed. We did manage a slow pick of shorts with a few keepers early until the last few drifts. Keepers showed up around the boat with a high hook of 3. On the afternoon trip conditions were much better but in some spots the drift was too fast.  We did find a couple of patches of fish that saved the day but it looks like they are not coming into the bay as fast as we are catching them.  Hopefully the warmer temps will get things going better. We are sailing every day, rain or shine 7 days a week including holidays. Hope to see you soon and here are some pics.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tues 5/24 report

     We did not get on in the morning with only 2 fishermen showing up but we were the only boat to get out in the afternoon.  Another day the weather  people messed up, the afternoon turned out very nice with no wind, mostly cloudy and warm. Not a lot of action with the shorts but we did catch keepers with a couple of guys getting  2 and some one. The rest of the week looks very nice with warmer temps so hopefully this will bring in some more fish. Here are some pic and hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mon 5/23 Nice day !

    We finally got a very nice morning weather wise despite the iffy forecast.  Sunny, war and not wind for the first part of the morning. Had a decent first drift picking at shorts and a keeper. We  saw less and less as the day went on  but did manage a few nice keepers. The last fish of the morning went almost 6 lbs. just before we went in. We barely made it out on the afternoon trip with only a few fishermen showing up. Tried some new areas with the same results of  a few shorts and a few keepers. Sailing every day rain or shine just keep an eye on the wind. One other note, don't forget the sweat shirts as the afternoon sea breeze can make it cool. Here are a few pics.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday 5/22 report

    We headed out to day expecting a repeat of yesterday but conditions were not the same with a big roll on the knoll so we tried another area and picked at some shorts. Went to where we had a few yesterday but no drift. Went looking for a drift and found one only to pick a couple of keepers and shorts. We did end the morning with a good drift picking a few shorts and some keepers to end up with about half of yesterday's catch of keepers. In the afternoon we ended up with a better turnout than expected but only picked slowly at a few keepers and some shorts. Not the volume of shorts that we usually see in the early part of the year, hope that its not a bad sign. We ended up with about the same amount of keepers but we did have more patrons. Here are  some pics so hope to see you soon,(sailing every day) and thanks for checking in.