Saturday, November 6, 2021

Saturday 11/6 even better

      The ocean was not that nice but we did get a couple of slot fish on the first drift, but then that was it. Went in search of going to where we had them yesterday but they were not there. Ended back to where we started as a few fish were being caught. They finally turned on and we picked on every drift, Shorts, slots(bonus tag fish between 24 -28") and some keepers. It was not that nice but not that rough either. Ended up with catch of fish with Big Mike C leading the way taking his limit out of 3 keepers (28 - 38") 4 slot fish and 5 or 6 shorts. Sailing every day @ 7:30 AM so hope to see you soon. Thanks for looking in and here are some pics of some of the fish, as the mates have their hands full measuring fish for the bonus tag program,  including one at the end that I forgot from yesterday, a 46" monster that had to go back to make more babies.

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